effyeah im a Potterhead

sekedar mengungkap fakta yang belum sempat terkuak di sini :

yes i am a Potterhead.


ship RonMione pairing. never accept PotterChang nor RonVender. KrumMione is alright, but unfortunately they`re oh-not-so-cute. Dobby. spazzing over Weasley twins.

and i suddenly felt like i want to reblog these pictures ...

this is what will happen, 
when the Deathly Hallows part two is in cinemas

and this ..

LOL. i was one of the `everyone`... Hermione :3

 and this !

feel sorry to all Twilight fans with me uploading it,
but.. this. is. so. effin. true. 

see ya ~



  1. wahahaha.... saya suka the last pict... pilih hermione banget lah, the strong witch... yang rasional, gak terpengaruh suasana hati... =D

  2. nah kaaan ~ bener kan deeeek ?
    itu FAKTA ! choose granger over swan ! ayoooooo galakkan kampanye ini !! #gaknyantai


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