Thursday, 30 August 2012

walking on the water

hey, i've just met you.
and this is crazy.

completely, utterly, crazy.

but nobody can't ever, ever, force someone's feeling upon someone else.
so can't i.
so can't you. 
and i think i like you.

no, boy.
i don't love you.
not yet.
just as you said, it's not easy to love someone.

but i like you.
it's enough to make my heart clenches uncomfortably the moment you're not there.
the moment you're out of my sight.
the moment i need a warm hug and yet i can't ask you to do it for me.
the moment i see you not smiling.
the moment you hurt me unknowingly.

making you reciprocate my feeling is like walking on the water.
right now, all i can do is hoping.

so that you will answer this call.
or perhaps, so that this fluttering sensation in me whenever you're close fades away...

 z. d. imama

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