Growth & Changes

this blog has been around for more than six years.
it's now entering its seventh year (through many ups and downs, of course), and some while ago I took a peek at my older blog posts... and I couldn't help but having various reactions at my own writings.

sometimes I laughed.
sometimes I just shook my head in amusement.
sometimes I went, "Anjeng ini beneran yang nulis gue?" when I found few embarrassing posts.

and one thing for sure:
human change, as the time goes by.

saya punya fase di mana tulisan-tulisan blog ini menggunakan kata ganti 'gue' untuk menyebutkan diri saya sendiri--yang mana banyak ditemukan pada postingan-postingan awal saya, masa-masa masih (lebih) anak-anak dari sekarang. kemudian ada kalanya saya berubah memakai kata ganti 'aku'. lantas kini, entah kenapa saya lebih nyaman--dan lebih memilih--kata ganti 'saya'.

perhaps out there, some theories to explain this kind of thing exist.
but it doesn't matter. the only thing that I need to be aware of is that people change, and by 'people', it includes me.

my personal growth and development has not stopped.
not yet.

really looking forward to the tomorrow's me, next week's me, and next month's me.

z. d. imama

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